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23-Aug-2017 04:23

Facebook took the stage at the peak of our college years, exclusive for students.It worked well, as early users remember, because it took the concept and connected you instead with people currently enrolled nationwide.For my generation’s herd of sharers, Facebook went the way of all social networks as we migrated on to You Tube then Twitter, Tumbler, Groupon, Four Square, Google Plus, Pinterest and the rest.We keep finding new ways to share, to spread what we learn and love through digitized word of mouth and letters.But the 18-years-old Kumawood actress has revealed that she is not dating Awal despite the fact that they are close friends.She also debunked the allegation made by Big Akwes that she has been dating her colleague actor, Bill Asamoah for some time now.

In the decade that followed, we Internet babies went to college and picked up sites named Xanga, Friendster, Myspace and Word Press.

Language connects us, helps us love each other better by knowing each other better.

Ask any counselor and he’ll tell you: communication is key.

In 1971, men in the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) invented a way to plug information transfer cables into personal computers. The church growth movement hit her glory days and tried to connect people through common interests, though not yet via the Internet.

This connected machines like a spider’s web or a fisherman’s net, decentralizing conversation, sharing information back and forth via digital ports. Meanwhile, America Online drilled tiny pipelines of conversation through the cubicles of office workers.When people log in, especially if they grew up with the Internet, they want conversation.

Floyd has repeatedly won elections for Denton County, Texas, constable.… continue reading »

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And with high confidence in your abilities and decent level of respect for yourself comes self-love, a high sense of self-worth, and a healthy self-image.… continue reading »

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